If you want to do something big in life, then you have to forget the past, this is believed by India’s Best Yogini, Dancer, Influencer, and a Social Activist Natasha Noel.

Natasha’s childhood was very different from the rest of the girls. She has faced so many difficulties that if someone else had stayed in her place, She would have been completely broken.


Full Name/ Real NameNatasha Noel
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Age23 (2020)
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Amateur writer
Height5’7 Feet
Weight55 kg
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At the age of 7, Natasha was Sexually abused by a Male Servant and it didn’t stop there….. She was further sexually Violated by her cousin brother & sister.

She never gave up even though she had lost physically but never mentally. When Natasha was just 3 years old, her mother set herself on fire, that sad incident is still not lost in Natasha’s eyes, that incident became a huge depression for Natasha.

The same family who knew what a traumatic state Natasha hate to her life when her Mother committed to Suicide. Thinking that definitely you will get Goosebumps.

When it started with such a bad time and every bad time trumped a bad time then Natasha used to think that it is a normal life and this happens to everyone.

Natasha was so angry at herself that when she saw her face in the mirror, she would get nervous, Natasha used to shy away from her presence. As time passed, Natasha began to find different ways to come out of her depression.

With time she founded her passion in dance but her relationship with pain & trauma continued, A knee injury left her bed-ridden for a while, and for this reason,

Natasha could not dance for many days, The one thing that was giving her happiness was also taken away from her.

But Natasha’s passion for dance was such that she did not listen to the doctor’s bed rest advice and Natasha got up and started dancing again,

And this was her decision that proved so bad that Natasha had to take a break from dance for almost 1 year.

Natasha was about to emerge from one sorrow to another that her 5-year relationship also broke down. After all these difficulties, Natasha was completely broke but she never gave up.

She pick herself up and vowed to move on with time she founded her solace in Yoga, with every Stretch, every aasan, and every plank.

She released the tensions trapping her body finding her release through Yoga.

Today she comes in the count of Best Yoga Teacher and has a fan following of about 2.5 lakhs on Instagram. Natasha got so much love and support in online forums that she came out in front of the world as a motivational speaker too.

Natasha has said this in an interview:-

Yoga helped me in ways I couldn’t imagine. I’ve had depression & anxiety for the longest time.

The void inside me just kept growing. Karma yoga-practicing anything in life without hoping for tearing for the results.

For example, I won’t do good because someday I feel the goodwill get back to me.

I do it because can. Understanding this fundamental philosophy eased so much pain. Watching myself, my thoughts.

In meditation, the first thing they teach is to witness your thoughts. Let the thoughts come and go but don’t be attached to them. Let them pass by like clouds and this not only made my meditation stronger.

It made me so much aware of my thought process and altering my brain mechanics for the better. It’s an ongoing process. I am healing one breath at a time.

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When I showed my mom these photos, I told her “the closest you’ll ever see me in a wedding dress… at least for a while!” She laughed. . . Our conversations about marriage aren’t hostile anymore at least not as much. Since I was 16 I was getting wedding proposals my dad was telling them wait till 18 at least. When I was younger I wanted to get married and have kids and all because I believed that’s how I will find love. That’s how I will feel complete. And that’s what’s missing in my life. . . Many relationships. Many experiences, many realisations later I found that love within. I would pour my love to everyone but my cup was always empty. I learnt to nourish myself. I learnt to not put myself down and I learnt to respect myself. Eventually I learnt what I kept looking for outward was always inside of me I just had to accept, forgive and love myself. . . Many many years later when I was 17 I didn’t want to get married and I didn’t want to have children sprouting from my vagina. Adoption was ALWAYS an option. I thought there’s anyway so many people in this world so many children who need a home to feel safe and I would provide that as much as I could. And people told me when I grow up and later I would want to get married that my maternal instincts would kick in and I would want to have at least a child from my womb. And that would “complete me!” I’m 27 Now marriage is still not my priority and I definitely don’t want to have kids from my womb. I don’t mind adopting human kids , ANIMALS for sure but that’s where I am even right now. Honestly, I don’t know what will happen in 10 years, I will evolve more as a human and I’m excited to meet that Natasha but today as of now I don’t want to get married and definitely don’t want children. Does that make me less of a woman? Hell fucking no! . . Unfortunately, most of our lives, we are conditioned to believe that when we get married and have kids our life’s sorted. You want to get married or not you want to have 20 children or not IS AND SHOULD ALWAYS be your choice. It should be what YOU want and what makes YOU happy. . . Practice daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.

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Hi my loves! This post didn’t come out so I’m just doing it now! DAY 9 of #SoulFulAcceotance is “to activate your LISTENTING. Give someone your full attention. Put your phone away, don’t day dream, don’t give your opinion and just listen.” Something I used to find so difficult because I believed if someone came to me with a Problem I had to give a solution and I realise now people just what to vent and it’s important to LISTEN to someone rather than you formulate yourself answers for them. However I do feel if people are going to bitch about other people, I call them off at this Or just want to complain. . . I was in mauna now for 21 days for my sadana and this made me respect silence and more than anything, now, when people come to me with a problem I’m just quiet I listen I may say some few words and I hug people. That’s all I do. Before I would want to “fix there problems or want to make them feel better” or say something because I had to fill the awakes silence and try to “help” them now I feel like sometimes just listening to them with all your awareness and not already thinking of solutions to satisfy your ego is also important. The old me would want “to fix” the new me wants to exist. And I feel there a lot if healing in this for both people because human beings Learn when they have to you can’t force anything or anyone. Practice daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.

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I hope you’re doing okay today. I hope that you’re trying to be kinder to yourself today. I hope you’re making yourself a priority. With this lockdown I get everything is crazy and you May feel alone. But somehow I feel like maybe we all are alone together and maybe then the aloneness is less? Maybe. You have your own struggle your own story your own isolation and whatever you are going through is HUGE for you. But I can giving you all my verbal love and hugs and I’m with you. I know it seems weird or obscure being here on social media. But I can tell you what’s helping me. 1. My daily practice. 2. Learning new things and enhancing myself. Like cooking and learning new movements 3. Reading. 4. From self care Sunday it’s become a little bit of self care everyday. Today was just allowing myself to sleep from 1230 to 335. I was exhausted. Earlier I would feel guilty about it and constantly try to “do” something to be productive. But now I’m learning to listen to my body and give her what she needs 5. Less drama from other people and more focus on saging my house and cleansing my energy. 6. My gratified journal. I’m very lucky I’m with people I LIKE and aren’t emotional/mentally/ or physically abusing me. I know that I’m extremely privileged to be here in Mysore doing what I like doing and to be able to do that what makes my heart happy in these tough times. 7. Even with good energies around me I need my “alone time” I need my time to keep my mental health in check. 8. Using less social media. I was doing this even before the lock down but during the lockdown it strengthened my will to see less of make me feel bad about how “little” I’m doing. But genuinely learning to focus on myself. 9. Learning to COOK healthy and yummy treats. 10. I’m writing a book. Lol I was very very very apprehensive about this. Because Of course the thoughts of “78394772 people write better than me. 63894939 people have better more meaningful stories than me. 673892 people are better than me. And who the duck am I? What did fence can I actually contribute?” Bit I told that voice to shut the fuck down and get to writing even if it’s just for me. Something’s coming along. 💙 ILY🤗

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#TruthBombMon Yesterday was full moon and I set some serious ass intentions and mediated for 45 minutes to ground my self and consciously and subconsciously work on the moons healing power. The full moon is a great time to release the things in your life that have been negatively impacting you as well as acknowledge what you have achieved and are grateful for since the previous full moon. Okay, I’ll write a full post on this later (I have a YouTube video! HOWEVER…) one of the things I was manifesting was to take care of myself and to break my own conditioning of not being able to draw boundaries and to give myself priority. I kid you not, I got up today feeling so empowered and powerful. I was moving though her energy and THIS happened today. I felt strong, light and driven and my mind was so fucking happy. It’s still a struggle for me to pull back, to back off and not give my 63782984% when it comes to caring for others. However, when I made that decision yesterday I feel for the first time I didn’t care if people would leave or if people would feel bad. For the first time i took myself as a priority to not suppress and not let my emotions down. If I’m angry I’m angry, I’m not going to hide that emotion so it’s easier for someone else because I don’t want to hurt their feelings. I don’t know, something inside me changed, some preconceived pattern broke like the shackles I put myself in and I was freer, more open, much more stronger and it totally resonated in my practice today. It was the first time I did this and I’ve been trying this for years! Sometimes it’s the switch you make. 💙 #Yoga #Healing

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