Full Name/ Real NameRitesh Pandey
Date Of Birth14th May 1991
Age29 years (2020)
Phone NumberKyou chiye comment karo
HomeTownSasaram, Bihar, India
AddressMumbai, Maharashtra India
EducationMahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidhyapith, Varanasi
Stage Performer
Height5’7 Feet
Weight70 kg
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Friends, Family and Relationship

WifeNot Yet
FamilyMom Dad,vikas bhaia
Married StatusUnmarried

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Ritesh Pandey Bhojpuri Star Sucess Story

Bhojpuri superstar singer and Actor Ritesh Pandey was born on 14 May in Sasaram, Bihar. There was a time when Ritesh Pandey had to wander from shop to shop for his songs.

He used to go to the shops with a song in the pen drive and requested that it be filled in people’s mobiles.

Today is also the time when the entire era of Ritesh Pandey’s songs has become crazy.

The songs ‘Hello Kaun‘ and ‘Piywa Se Paheli‘ have brought Ritesh to the stage in the Bhojpuri industry from where he may never have to look back.

Ritesh Pandey had told in his interview that when his financial condition was not good in childhood, his father had moved with him to Varanasi.

Ritesh started studying in the school where his father taught. When he got good in studies, many people asked him to prepare for his doctorate.

Has been fond of singing since childhood

However, Ritesh had his mind in singing since childhood. Friends also advised making a career in this. Later, family members also agreed.

However, Ritesh did not have the money to get his own album out. In such a situation, in a studio in Varanasi, where he recorded one of his songs, he also started working.

And the fate of Ritesh Pandey changed

Even after this, luck was not supporting Ritesh Pandey. His song “Karua Tel” felt good but people were rejecting it.

This was the time when Ritesh was on the verge of breaking up. However, he did not give up and made the shops his target.

When the boys came to get the song filled, the shopkeepers filled their songs and the demand for their songs started increasing.

Then what was the fate in front of hard work and Ritesh Pandey started moving forward.

Ritesh in Bhojpuri cinema

One hit song followed. And then ‘Hailo Kaun’ and ‘Piwa Se Pehle Hamar Rahlu’, these songs gave Ritesh a tremendous identity in Bhojpuri industry.

And now two days ago, Ritesh Pandey’s first international song has been released ‘Lachke Kamariya’ which is getting a lot of love from the audience.

In such a situation, it will not be wrong to say that Ritesh is fully ready to enter Bhojpuri cinema in the coming time. He is also proving himself as an actor with the singer.

Ritesh Pandey blockbuster movies including

  • Balma Biharwala 2
  • Karam Yug
  • Ye Hamar Jaan Tohare Mai Basela Pran
  • Tohare Me Basela Pran
  • Nache Nagin Gali Gali.
  • Farz
  • Dulhan Chahi Pakistan Se
  • Gharwali Baharwali
  • Mohabbat
  • Beta Bahubali 2
  • Sasural, and Many Mores

Hit Songs by Ritesh Pandey
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